Downloading DV from a digital camcorder is easy – as long as your machine has a IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port. For users who don’t want the hassle of installing a card – or can’t fit one on their laptop, Dazzle has released an inexpensive new USB video capture device. The new Dazzle EmMe (pronounced "emmy," get it?) allows you to plug your camcorder into a cable, which plugs into the USB port on your computer. You don't need to crack open your PC and install a card. The device is specifically targeted toward users of Microsoft’s Windows Me. The reason? The Dazzle EmMe is largely aimed at home users and has no bundled video editing software. For these users, EmMe relies on the video-editing capabilities of Windows Me's alliterative Microsoft Movie Maker. However, as it works as well as a standard IEEE 1394 card, it could also be used by professionals. The most promising thing about the Dazzle EmMe is its price. At $49, it's one of the cheapest video capture solutions you'll find. And the EmMe will work with a range of camcorders, from older 8mm and Hi8 analog cameras to newer digital video models. The EmMe includes an analog video-out port so that you can send your edited video back out to your camcorder or a VCR. However, it can’t output DV footage to a camera.