DAZ has launched DAZ|Studio, a free version of its 3D design package, available for Mac and PC.

Version is now publicly available for download. The company hopes to generate revenue from the product solely through the sale of digital content, sold separately.

A base content set is also available to download for free, which includes the Victoria 3 reduced resolution figure, clothing, hair, props, a complete 360 degree photo-realistic environment, and a dragonfly, according to DAZ.

Downloaded scenes can be manipulated by changing character poses, shape morphs, model textures and lighting. There’s an OpenGL 3D viewport and a 3Delight Renderman compliant renderer.

Single selection and editing of bones or objects, as well as cameras and lights, is possible via controls or directly in the 3D Viewport. Editable material properties include surface color and texture map, bump map, transparency map, and displacement map.

A 3D Starter Bundle is also available for under $100 (£56), which includes the Bryce 3D landscape program.