Daz 3D has released version 2.1 of its Daz Studio 3D software. DAZ Studio 2.1 enables users to quickly create high-quality digital images and characters for use in games and virtual worlds, multimedia and illustration applications.

DAZ Studio 2.1 boasts many features, including a full-colour OpenGL Preview, integration with the powerful 3Delight Render Engine (which is compliant with Pixar’s RenderMan) and Fast-Time rendering via the user’s graphic card hardware.

Additional new features include Drag & Drop, which automatically fits clothing or hair to 3D figures, eliminating the need for manual fitting. This feature also allows content to be added to a specific area within any scene, rather than just the default location.

With a step-by-step user interface, pre-loaded DAZ 3D models, scenes and morphs, and access to an extensive online library of high-quality 3D content, QuickStart users gain the fastest and easiest introduction to the world of 3D. Levels of Detail (LOD) allows the user to control the amount of polygonal mesh detail, while retaining universal compatibility of morphs, textures and other accessories. This feature is ideal for importing content into gaming software and virtual worlds.

Users can take advantage of content created using Sub Division Geometry to allow more efficient meshes while preserving high-resolution in 3D avatars and figures.

Multiple UV provides easy application of maps optimized for different characters or circumstances, allowing versatility, flexibility and connectivity. Multiple UV also allows creation of avatars that will work in all virtual world applications. With an intuitive and powerful database system, users can customize the categorization of their 3D content as they wish without altering files on their hard drives.

The UI has been improved to offer the ability to have interface panels and tabs docked however the user chooses, and be collapsed automatically when not in use allows users to maximize their workspace and not feel cluttered by window upon window of features and control points.