Daz 3D has unveiled its Elite series of add-on morphs and textures for the fourth generation of its Victoria model for use in Carrara, DAZ Studio, and Poser. The company says that the set is comprised of revolutionary skin textures, body shapes and poses, and captures the true essence of the human form.

"One of the most challenging and time consuming tasks 3D artists face is creating and obtaining believable texture maps and body morphs – and that’s where Victoria 4 Elite comes in," said Daz 3D president, Dan Farr. "[We've created] a state-of-the-art Human Data Acquisition Center (HDAC) which provides the most accurate 3D human forms and textures, only available through the Daz 3D Elite series."

Daz 3D’s HDAC consists of a system of hardware and software solutions, including multiple high-end body scanners, multi-camera 3D imagers, mega pixel digital cameras and a proprietary lighting environment, all used to capture an extensive set of data required for recreating 3D human forms and textures in the most accurate manner possible.

Daz says that HDAC allows Victoria 4 Elite include top-notch textures, body shapes and life poses. All skin texture photo-reference is collected using proprietary lighting consisting of a large variety of photography equipment. This ensures even lighting with minimal shadowing for the most consistent and reliable reference data possible, according to the complete.

Utilizing several different scanners, the Elite line of Body Shapes offers a complete set of scan data for new body and joint shapes. By resourcing scan data of live model static poses in combination with motion capture data, Life Poses offers natural pose sets, preserving body mass and weight and its effect on joint positioning.

Victoria 4 Elite costs US$99.95 (around £50), though until July 21, it can be bought for $74.96 (£37).