Daz has launched version 6 of its Bryce 3D landscape creation software, which it's offering to members of its Platinum Club scheme for $6 (around £3.21) until November 20. Non-members can sign up for $29.95 (£16) to take advantage of the offer.

After November 20, Bryce 6 will cost $99.95 (around £53).

The upgrade adds support for HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images) through the new IBL menu inside the Sky Lab. Users can render scenes with an HDRI image to achieve convincing renders, according to Daz, and use the HDRI image as a background. Bryce 6 includes controls over the quality, intensity and overall HDRI effect of the lighting within your scene.

Bryce 6 allows users to bring animated figures, animals and accessories from Daz|Studio into Bryce scenes. Full geometric meshes of Boolean objects can be exported for use in other 3D suites. Users can re-import these meshes and combine them with other Booleans or imported meshes for advanced objects and cleaner scene building, according to Daz.

The Terrain Editor gains support for 16-bit data when creating and editingterrains and lattices, adding a finer level of detail and control to the application. Image-based Brushes allow users to create custom looks to terrains, which can be shared with other users.

Bryce 6's networked rendering engine can be installed on as many machines as a user has. The engine also been optimized for multiple processors and Intel's Hyper-Threading technology.

The upgrade also adds improvements to Bryce's preset system, the duplication of objects, and allows custom image-based maps to the surface of the moon within Bryce to simulate celestial satellites or alien planets.