Daz 3D has announced a new addition to its library of 3D content – the latest version of its highly popular 3D figure, the Girl 4, complete with customizable body shaping, increased texture map resolution and greatly improved joint rigging. Created from Daz 3D's fourth-generation Unimesh, the Girl 4 is fully compatible with all Victoria 4, Victoria 4 Elite and Aiko 4 head and body shapes, textures and poses, opening more options and new creative possibilities than ever before.

Originally created by 3D graphics and games artist Kim Goossens, the Girl is considered one of the most eye-catching 3D models in CG history. The Girl is used by thousands of hobbyist and professional artists as a muse for magazine and album covers, fan art and the like.

In addition to her extensive compatibility with all Daz 3D models and hundreds of add-on products available in the Daz 3D online store, the Girl 4 is fully ready to animate within Daz Studio, Carrara and Poser, and contains an unparalleled variety of body and head shapes due to her ability to make use of existing Daz 3D Unimesh characters and morphs.

The Girl 4 base product is available for immediate download at the Daz3D online store for $29.95. Daz Platinum Club members may purchase the Girl 4 for $1.99. Corresponding product bundles range in price from $49.95 to $99.95 before sales and discounts.