Daz 3D has released Carrara 7.0, the latest version of its 3D modeling, animation and rendering software. Carrara 7.0 boasts a broad set of features such as 3D paint, multi-pass rendering and assembly room vertex modelling.

Carrara 7.0's export capabilities via Collada allow accessibility to various applications including DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Other new features include multi-pass rendering, which enables an artist to make changes to their renders without having to re-render the entire scene.

Carrara 7.0's new 3D Paint tool enables textures to be selected, edited and painted directly onto an object. The tool also provides a variety of flexible and time-saving painting modes as well as real-time display of bump maps and specularity.

Helping to improve Carrara 7's workflow, the Vertex Modeling capabilities that were previously only available in the Modeling room are now available in the Assembly room. This tool gives more power to modelers, allowing them to model in context to the other objects in their scene.

The full version of Carrara 7.0 is available in both Macintosh and Windows formats and costs US$249 (around £170). Carrara 7 Pro is available for $549 (£370).