Human Traffic director, Justin Kerrigan, has directed a tale of naïve love and bad boy behaviour for The Twang’s new release, Two Lovers. Steve Ackroyd editor at London-based editing house Final Cut, helped condense the video’s film-like narrative into just over three-minutes.

The video features another Human Traffic-er, Danny Dyer, assuming one of his lovable rogue roles. Dyer acts alongside hotly tipped British talent – Jamie Winstone (Ray Winstone’s daughter). Opening on Winstone coaxing Dyer into declarations of love, the video proceeds to show us how Dyer spends his East End days stealing, drinking, gambling... and being unfaithful. Meanwhile, Winstone’s character sacrifices life at home with her parents for the wayward Dyer, only to find he’s gone AWOL. Dyer finally gets his comeuppance when a game of poker goes horribly wrong. But foolishly forgiving Winstone is on hand to console him.

Final Cut editor, Steve Ackroyd, said: “You seldom get a chance to cut pure narrative in music videos. But this project has such a strong storyline, it was like cutting a film – albeit, a short one. Initially, we had concerns about how to convey so much story without the luxury of dialogue or time. But it worked out really well. The fact that we were able to tell so much in such a short space of time is a real accolade to the director and the actors.”