border=0 /> </div><i>Rubber Johnny</i> is the latest DVD from the king of warped music videos, Chris Cunningham. The central short film is six minutes long and chronicles a 16-year-old, inbred mutant

The DVD is released on May 16 and is packaged with a 40-page sketchbook of Cunningham's drawings and photographic artwork. It costs £9.99 inc VAT.

Chris Cunningham is one of the most highly rated directors of music videos, having created pioneering promos for the Aphex Twin - including Windowlicker, which was banned by MTV, and Come to Daddy, which was recently featured on Channel 4's Top 100 Scariest TV Moments Of All Time. He has also created notable videos for Bjork (All Is Full Of Love), Madonna (Frozen), and Leftfield (Afrika Shox).