Cycore has released version 5.2 of its Cult3D technology, the Web3D format that can also be placed in Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Word documents. The update includes splitting models for faster download and better text display. The Cult Objects (.CO) file format can now import and merge separate .CO files into other .CO files. Older versions of the format placed all objects in a single file that had to be downloaded in a single shot. Version 5.2 allows basic objects to be downloaded first, followed by other objects when needed by users. Also, Tooltips allow text to be displayed over 3D objects. Other improvements include communication between Cult3D objects and JavaScript in the encapsulating Web page. Buttons within Web pages can use scripts to control 3D models – with the models also using scripts to drive other elements within the page. The Cult3D viewer had been reduced in size by 70kb and the fromat can now load and merge external images and sounds using Java. Both the Viewer and Designer Tool are available for free from the Cult3D Web site – although designers will have pay a license fee to serve them over the Web.