Recycling has never been this creepy. Artist Maskull Lasserre has found an incredibly creative way of turning old software manuals into pieces of (terrifying) art.

Whenever Maskull comes across unwanted computer manuals for dead software, he carves out intricate skulls in them -- quite a fitting choice when you think about the context of his materials! The books are squashed together in a vice before he begins to drill and chisel into the pages. The end result is pretty impressive, if a little morbid. Imagine how cool one of these would look in between the regular books on your shelf?

If you're hoping to get hold of one of Maskull's designs, you'll have to contact him directly for a commission -- of course if you have the tools, a steady hand and a lot of patience, you could give it a go yourself. It would certainly be an interesting conversation starter next time you have friends over.

Check out the gallery on Maskull's website to see the different stages of creation and the finished result.