Create 2D barcodes in Adobe InDesign

Teacup Software has released BarcodeMaker 2D, a new product that adds the ability to create and edit 2D barcodes directly in Adobe InDesign CS3 and higher.

2D, or two dimensional, barcodes, which fit more data into less space than traditional one dimensional barcodes, are the new industry standard for barcode data encoding. Teacup Software's BarcodeMaker 2D brings industry standard 2D barcodes to InDesign, including Data Matrix, QR Code, Maxi Code, Aztec Code and PDF417. It also includes GS1 Databare Expanded and Stacked.

BarcodeMaker 2D integrates with Teacup's free PatternMaker plug-in. The 2D barcodes appear as patterns in the PatternMaker palette, just like Teacup's existing BarcodeMaker plug-in. Also like BarcodeMaker, BarcodeMaker 2D integrates with Teacup's DataLinker plug-in. With DataLinker, barcodes can be mass produced from ODBC data sources with a simple user interface.

BarcodeMaker 2D is available for InDesign CS3 and higher, and costs $169.

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