Corel has unveiled Corel Designer Technical Suite X4, the latest version of the company’s technical drawing software. Created specifically for technical illustrators, the suite enables users to create technical documentation, instructional manuals, maintenance references and technical diagrams.

The Designer X4 suite supports 3D design formats and AutoCAD DWG and DXF, while delivering tools for illustration, bitmap-to-vector tracing, and professional photo editing. Corel says that the suite also offers an optimised workflow, multi-language support, and easy network deployment, making it the trusted choice of companies known worldwide for technical design excellence.

The suite includes the new Designer X4 software; Photo-Paint X4 for image editing; PowerTrace X4 to convert bitmaps and legacy paper documents into vector graphics; Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration 5.5 CSE to convert 3D CAD models into accurate 2D graphics; and Capture X4 to create screen capturess. Photo-Paint X4, PowerTrace X4 and Capture X4 were first introduced alongside CorelDRAW X4 earlier this year.

Designer X4 includes new technical drawing tools make it easier to identify curves and connector lines and add precision and clarity to illustrations, and new and enhanced diagramming tools. Support for the diagrams created in the latest version of Microsoft Visio has been added.

Users can create custom dimensions and dimension styles with advanced control for clearly readable illustrations, and draw, size, and rotate shapes and lines with precision using the Object Coordinates docker.

Designer X4 also supports Microsoft Vista for the first time.

Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 costs £638 plus VAT, or £319 plus VAT as an upgrade.