Corel has launched Corel Designer Professional 12, the latest addition to the popular Corel Designer technical graphics product line. Built on the power of Corel Designer Technical Suite 12, Corel Designer Professional 12 offers native 3D-import capabilities from Spatial to support leading CAD/CAM packages including IGES, ProE, SAT, CATIA 4 and CATIA 5.

In addition to the new 3D-import capabilities, the suite includes Corel Designer 12 for accurate technical illustration and layout; Corel Photo-Paint 12 for image editing; CorelTrace 12 for converting bitmaps and legacy paper documents into vector graphics; and Corel Capture 12 to create screen captures, an integral component of many technical documents. Corel Designer Professional 12 offers extensive file compatibility, with more than 75 import and export filters including CGM, PDF, EPS, JPG, TIF, and SVG.

Corel Designer Professional 12 is priced at $5,750 for a single licence including one year of maintenance, excluding optional filters.