At a UK briefing to press to show off CorelDraw 10 the company also used the occasion to give an indication of the way forward for the rest of its creative product line. It also announced that CorelDraw 10 will be shipping for Windows and Linux in November and for Mac OS X early next year, around a month after the platform itself hits the streets. All of the products that Corel bought from Metacreations earlier this year will be "significantly updated" in the spring. This is likely to mean point-0 upgrades for Painter and Bryce. KPT (formerly Kai’s Power Tools) is likely to be broken down into separate modules, which will be released on a monthly, rather than yearly, basis over the Web. It will also be made compatible with CorelDraw 10. Users of Corel’s high-end publishing package, Ventura, may be saddened to know that Corel are thinking about canning the product. According to Corel the company is "evaluating its future", which translates as working out whether the investment in R&D to upgrade it will be made back. Ventura has often been seen as being too high-end, offering powerful tools that few users would ever need and being too tricky for the average user to learn.