Corbis adds user gallery to Second Life

Stock media library Corbis has opened a gallery in Second Life that's focused on creating a community space where those interested in art and photography can view, share and discuss imagery.

Corbis’ presence in Second Life will showcase imagery from the Corbis and SnapVillage microstock collections as well as provide information on Corbis’ Rights Services. Corbis is also planning to help create a greater sense of community amongst photography enthusiasts in Second Life by hosting in-world social events, art shows and competitions where people can share their imagery with other residents. Image licensing will not be available at this time via Second Life.

Stephen Gillett, Corbis’ Vice President of Technology (Avatar Name: Corbis Kamachi), led the design and creation efforts for the Corbis gallery in Second Life. Gillett is a well-known and highly respected online MMORPG gamer and guild master. The gallery is located on an island in a sweeping glassed-in gallery space that has specific areas highlighting imagery from different Corbis collections, as well as Corbis Motion, Corbis Rights Services and SnapVillage, an innovative new user-generated microstock Web site.

"We didn’t want this to be some big-bang corporate marketing activity, but instead are taking a grassroots approach by focusing on sharing great imagery for the SL community to enjoy," said Gillett. "We hope to make our gallery a social gathering place and a cultural landmark within Second Life and foster a lot of discussion about photography in this emerging medium."

Gallery visitors will be able to browse iconic images from Corbis’ collection sourced from more than 100 million creative, entertainment and historical images, and the galleries will be updated regularly with fresh pieces. Second Life residents can teleport directly to the virtual Corbis Gallery.

Visitors over the age of 20 and British will want to listen to Zoot Music's gallery themes (scroll down to find them) while visiting, bringing back nostalgic memories of Take Hart.

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