XChange International has released CopyFlow Gold for both Adobe InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress v8. CopyFlow Gold adds powerful page assembly capabilities to InDesign and Quark. It allows users to export all of the individual text boxes of a layout document, translate the text, and then have it flow back into the document in the same way it was exported.

CopyFlow Gold can also export all document text for archiving, creating Web pages or populating a database.

CopyFlow Gold performs the valuable task of round-tripping—or just exporting—text and graphics between InDesign or Quark and Word RTF or tagged text files. CopyFlow Gold is often used in production environments to quickly extract formatted text from a document for translation or versioning purposes and to return the content to the correct layout position after external editing. The latest version now batch processes folders of InDesign documents as well.

There are eight supported file formats from which to choose with CopyFlow Gold, enabling users to choose the format that will yield results appropriate for the intended use. CopyFlow Gold processes composite text files which means that users may have all of the text elements associated with a particular story (or article, chapter, etc.) in a single file.

Once installed, CopyFlow Gold for InDesign or Quark provides the options for all of the import/export features in the CopyFlow Gold menu added to a user's menu bar. CopyFlow Gold is also scriptable using InDesign scripts written in Javascript and there is a batch-processing feature.

CopyFlow Gold uses text frame naming to ensure text content is always exported from and imported to the correct layout element. Text frame naming can be handled automatically or story by story by selecting either 'Autoname Frames' or 'Name A Frame'.

The preferences are used to select the Import/Export format and the details for each format that include encodings,
typographic quotes, style conflict resolution, etc.