Concrete has just recently completed a promo for The Open Golf which will be aired exclusively on BBC One and BBC Two. Concrete's Marcus Millichope was the Senior Online Smoke Operator who worked on the compositing, grading, setting, light effects, editing and vfx using Smoke.

The promo was directed and produced by Toby Crawford at Red Bee Media. The promo depicts a golf ball's journey from tee-off through clouds and the golf course terrain finally ending up as a 'hole-in-one'. There were over twenty complex and intricate shots that were taken on the ground, including close ups and the shoot also involved numerous over head angles in order to convey an image of a golf ball that continues moving from various perspectives. The photography on this project was complicated with challenging frames, creating an end result which looks smooth, sleek and dynamic.

"The brief was to composite the twenty shots into one smooth continuous movement and scene from the golf ball's view of the journey." Explained Marcus. This was achieved by Marcus Millichope at Concrete. He composited and graded the piece using Smoke. Marcus confirmed: "All of the shots were stitched together to create a seamless journey from club to hole." He also created 3D clouds which he composited realistically into the piece.

The trailer aired on Thursday 10th July continued for a week up until the BBC's coverage began.