Concrete has completed the titles for dark new BBC comedy Psychoville, which was created by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton of The League of Gentlemen. The show stars Dawn French, Dame Eileen Atkins and Christopher Biggins.

Watch the Psychoville titles on Concrete's website (under Projects >> Title Sequences).

The Concrete Graphic Design Department, headed by creative director Chris Jennings won the pitch from BBC Inhouse Comedy to create the opening titles, inspired by the work of legendary titles artist Saul Bass. Bass created many classic Hitchcock titles including Psycho, North by Northwest and Vertigo.

"Our client wanted the titles to be strong and urgent and mysterious all at once -- and rather creepy -- which we managed to achieve," says Jennings.

Sample animation for the pitch were created in Smoke and After Effects, though the final piece was completed in After Effects alone.

Psychoville's producer Justin Davies says that "the end result is captivating and fresh and gives the viewer a sense that trouble is brewing...which it certainly is in Psychoville."

Psychoville is about five seemingly disparate characters that all receive a chilling message: 'I know what you did'. An embittered hook-handed clown, a desperately misguided midwife, a love struck telekinetic dwarf, a blind avaricious collector and a murder-obsessed man-child: all are affected in different ways by the letters, and their already bizarre lives are hilariously turned on their heads.

The comedy series began broadcast on the June 11 on BBC Two.