Concrete has recently completed the graphics for the brand new series Diet on the Dancefloor for Mentorn Media, which will be broadcast on the Living channel. Concrete's graphics design team created the compelling CGI logo, which was designed by creative director, Chris Jennings.

The show is based around 'glamour meets fitness', as ten couples are tasked to shape up and get fit through dance. Each week the contestants will be told they must learn a new dance. It could be the Cha Cha Cha, the Quickstep, the Tango or Street Dancing and a professional will demonstrate the dance. With expert tuition, weekly dances and eliminations they embark on a roller-coaster journey competing to become the champions of Diet on the Dancefloor.

"Our brief was to create a massive eye-catching CGI logo which we also had to design for print purposes. We also had to provide treatments and grading for the contestants and judges on the show," Concrete's Chris Jennings explains.

The outline of two dancers in a classic pose was shot against a green screen and used to then form the two silhouettes for the titles. Aleksandar Stiglic then made a 3D model. It was then composited into the image by Marcus Millichope, who stylishly placed background effects into the frame and animated them accordingly using Smoke.

The series will air on Living from July 16.