Concrete has created a compelling promo for a documentary portraying terrorism through the ages. Titled Age of Terror, it is a powerful and impactful promo that literally explodes onto the screen.

Written, created and made by Creative Head, Sally Bowness and Director, Mark Chaudoir from Red Bee Media for BBC News and Current Affairs Marketing, it features a series of slow motion explosions of iconic objects, which symbolise terrorism and terrorist events. Concrete's Matt Hall attended the shoot and then offlined the footage.

Red Bee Media filmed a model car from the 70's, a bottle to represent the attempted terrorist event which now forces us to abandon our water bottles when we fly, a rucksack, plane and globe – all captured exploding on a high speed camera at 10,000 frames a second, using the Pirate's Photron camera to capture these detonations at Black Island studio.

The models were adapted and made by Steve Wilsher, dpecial effects and explosions by Artem. DOP Clive Norman was responsible for lighting, Matt Hall at Concrete Post edited the footage, Flame and TK was completed at Prime Focus. The music was composed exclusively for this piece by Adamson Music with the Audio Design created by Munzie at Grand Central.

The Age of Terror promo was very challenging to make involving a very technical shoot to capture the explosions. The offline was crucial in that we wanted the explosions to have impact and therefore timings and the way they were edited with music and audio effects were extremely important in this promo.

Matt Hall at Concrete edited the promo using subtle ramping and reframing effects, which reinforced the impact of the promo. Matt worked closely with Prime Focus who imported the 10,000 frames per second tiff files from the Photron camera into the Flame compositing suite, which then were loaded into Concrete's Avid offline. Throughout the whole production Matt worked closely with the composer Ged Adamson & sound engineer Munzie at Grand central to created a really powerful & thought provoking promo.

The four part series, presented by Peter Taylor will air on Tuesday 15th April at 9pm on BBC Two.