In a move that could be echoed in the UK, customers of Compaq, both consumer and corporate, stand to be spending less money on the company's machines after the personal computer maker announced a series of price cuts Tuesday. Compaq said it will reduce prices on selected Deskpro desktops, Armada notebooks, AP and SP Workstations and ProLiant servers. The desktops will go down in price anywhere from six per cent to 31 per cent depending on the model, Compaq said. Compaq also implemented a rebate program - although that may not make it into the UK. The Armada line of notebooks will also drop in price by up to 22 per cent, depending on the type of machine. The company recently recalled close to 55,000 battery packs used in its Armada E500 and V300 notebook computers, saying the batteries can short-circuit and potentially cause fires inside the laptops. On the higher end, Compaq said it has continuously lowered the price of its ProLiant servers from four per cent to 24 percent over the past thirty days. Tuesday's move follows an apparent trend among hardware makers to lower prices. For US buyers - and in some cases for UK buyers, too - Apple continues to offer a rebate on its new G4 Cube desktop and a rebate on its PowerBook notebook line. Dell Computer also followed suit with reductions last month on its PowerEdge line of servers, Dimension desktop PCs, and Inspiron notebooks.