Intel, a pioneer in the low-power mobile processor space, is still in pursuit of faster performance on top of the company's quest for lower power, as seen in a variety of demonstrations here at Comdex. The chipmaker is displaying a 1GHz-700MHz Mobile Pentium III SpeedStep processor that officials said consumes fewer than 2 watts of power. Expected to also arrive in the first half of next year, the 1GHz-700MHz chip is being showcased in mobile computer offerings from Gateway, Acer, IBM, Compaq Computer, and Dell. The processor giant also is expected to introduce a slower, more battery efficient 300-500MHz Mobile Pentium III SpeedStep processor by the middle of next year, officials said. Operating within an IBM ThinkPad X20 on display here, Intel officials said the new mobile chip can run on less than a quarter watt of power. During the last 10 years, Intel has been awarded a number of patents in the realm of low-power processor technology. In 1998, the company released a low-power Pentium Processor with MMX (a multimedia component) designed for sub-3 pound laptops, according to officials.