Media 100 is to launch a tailored version of its compression tool Cleaner 5, with the new version geared for RealNetwork's RealVideo and RealAudio streaming solution. The new edition - which will be sold by RealNetworks from its online store - will let Real users create streaming video for delivery exclusively to RealNetwork's playback software RealPlayer. Media 100 says the software - which follows a similar move by Pinnacle last month - is the Internet's first camera-to-Web streaming media software that lets Web broadcasters create interactive streamed content for the Web. "With more than 155 million unique registered RealPlayer users worldwide, the demand for the highest possible quality viewing experience is exploding," said Media 100 CEO John Molinari. RealVideo 8 delivers high-quality video streamed over the Web, with half-screen VHS quality at mainstream broadband rates, and near DVD-quality at high bandwidth rates, says RealNetworks.