Pinnacle Systems announced on Tuesday that CinéWave 4.5 is now available. It's the only standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) solution fully qualified by Apple for use with Final Cut Pro 4, and the latest version features new real-time HD capabilities optimized for use on the Power Mac G5, full support for Apple RT Extreme, desktop mirroring for use with multiple programs such as Apple's Shake, and more. Pinnacle has also added a 66MHz bus interface on its PCI-X compatible TARGA Ciné Engine video capture card, resulting in faster transfers.

"CinéWave 4.5 significantly extends the real-time power of Final Cut Pro by giving users the best of two worlds," said Andrew Baum, senior product manager at Pinnacle Systems. "It delivers all of the unique CPU-independent real-time features of CineWave's TARGA Cine Engine plus up to seven uncompressed SD streams with video out through full support for Apple RT Extreme."

CinéWave 4.5's new HD capabilities, which allow you to image correct uncompressed HD images in real-time with simultaneous SD down-convert, were optimized for use on the new Power Mac G5s. The application's fully key-frameable real-time HD video controls include phase for colour adjustment, setup for adjusting black range, video levels for adjusting brightness, and chroma level for adjusting saturation.

The new version of the application also features hardware-enhanced audio features with full support for 24-bit multi-track audio, allowing you to take advantage of Steinberg Nuendo for audio mastering while simultaneously monitoring SD and HD video. In addition, CinéWave 4.5 ships with a new DupliCiné application that lets you select all or part of your desktop for viewing on NTSC, PAL, and HD displays; it's application independent and offers a complement to the RAM preview that CinéWave features with combustion, After Effects, and Commotion Pro.

CinéWave 4.5 is available now as a free upgrade for current CinéWave 4 owners. Those with prior versions can upgrade for $295 (around £165). 33MHz TARGA Ciné Engines can be upgraded to 66MHz for $295 (£165).