Rising Sun Research has announced the public release of cineSync 1.2, a new version of the company's remote review and approval tool for the post-production industry.

According to Rising Sun Research, CineSync enables the shared exchange of ideas using synchronised moving images and drawn annotations. It allows multiple users to simultaneously and securely view QuickTime movies from multiple locations, with all movies being played in perfect synchronisation. The tool was designed to emulate two of the principle experiences people have when working with moving pictures and stills with others in the same room: the ability for everyone to see the same thing at the same time and the ability for everyone to point at specific parts of the screen and discuss changes.

The new release adds several new features, including:

A text drawing tool (in addition to the improved pencil, arrow and circle drawing tools), allowing users to type critical notes directly onto the frame

A buddy list, allowing users to keep track of who is currently involved in the session

Session saving capability, so users can recall notes from previous sessions

XML support for picture edit session data import/export, allowing a free flow of information between directors, editors and other post production personnel

Refined drawing tools - faster and more responsive

Multiple Undo/Redo of all drawing functions

CineSync has been used on films such as X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman Returns, Charlotte's Web, Poseidon, and War of the Worlds. VFX Supervisor on the third installment of X-Men, John Bruno, describes working with facilities in Wellington, London, Toronto and LA thus: "cineSync [gave me] the ability to do daily quick-time reviews - using my laptop - in the proper colour space and talking in real time to the artists at the facility (via iPod) with the ability to draw directly onto the screen to illustrate an area of concern within the particular shot. In other words it was almost like being there".

James Tichenor, VFX Supervisor of the upcoming Weinstein Company release Black Christmas said "It's a big feature, shooting in one east coast city, posting in another west coast city, with VFX houses in three other cities spread across North America. cineSync has become our central workspace for keeping all these different locations on the same page with previs and shot design. The flexibility of the system is second to none, and the software really easy and smart".

From a facilities point of view, Arin Finger, a VFX Producer at the Orphanage said "cineSync has been an absolute dream come true for The Orphanage. It has given us the ability to conduct reviews with our clients, vendors and internal staff with minimal setup time. We are able to give and receive precise direction with the great drawing tools within the program. cineSync has become a part of everyday life at The Orphanage. The program is used multiple times a day across the many projects in house." Orphanage projects that have used cineSync include Superman Returns, Pulse, Mimzy and Dungeon Siege.

The release of cineSync v1.2 brings a new level of refinement and features stemming from the close relationship Rising Sun Research has with its customers. Feedback from users on the front line in companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, Weta Digital, Rainmaker Studios, Framestore CFC and The Orphanage is an integral part of the development process, ensuring that cineSync is closely aligned with ever-changing workflow demands.

"cineSync is rapidly establishing itself as the industry standard for reviews" states Clint Walker, CEO of Rising Sun Research. "Our current customers are located across the globe, including such production centres as Los Angeles, Montreal, London, Sydney, Mumbai and beyond. Due to the rapid uptake by industry leaders, we are fast becoming a workflow standard, with industry practices evolving around the new opportunities enabled by cineSync."

cineSync v1.2 is available immediately through Rising Sun Research and runs on Mac OS X and Windows XP platforms. For more information, visit the official cineSync Web site at www.cinesync.com.