Tartarus Development is going to unveil two new plug-ins for Cinema 4D XL at the SIGGRAPH show in Los Angles next week. Doppleganger and Golem are both aimed at boosting Cinema 4D’s character animation facilities. Doppelganger is a morph-blending system that uses sliders to blend any number of targets. One use for this cited by the company is lip-synching, as the sliders can be used to blend facial expressions or phonemes. This plug-in works on all polygonal objects, including HyperNURBs cages, splines and FFDs. It supports hierarchy, so users can morph poses as well as points. Golem is a collection of more than a dozen constraints and utilities for character animation. The tools offer the ability to aim objects at multiple targets, automatically adjust the bank rotations of an object and prevent gimbal lock limitations. It also includes automatic squash, stretch and flexing of muscles, time delay for simple secondary motion like jiggling bellies and the ability to tie any position, scale or rotation of a target object to any motion of another object. Other features include keeping a characters feet above the floor at all times, progressive breaking of joints for tails and spines and separate rotation of upper body from lower body. Pricing will be announced at SIGGRAPH.