Maxon has launched a module for its Cinema 4D modelling, animation and rendering suite focussed on the creation of hair, fur and feathers. Called Hair, the module allows users to add realistic hair to models quickly and easily, according to the company.

Hair has an extensive toolkit for styling, including over a dozen tools such as brush, comb, curl and cut. A special shader is used to define the look of the hair, which offers control over such properties as shine, frizz and thickness. Textures can be loaded into the shader to define colour patterns.

The module supports dynamic forces, including collision detection. This allows the hair to be affected during animation by gravity, wind, turbulence and twisting. Hair features a cache function, and artists can edit individual frames after they've been cached.

Hair works under Cinema 4D R9.5 and currently costs £152.34, though Maxon says that this is introductory pricing that will only run until December 31. The company has given no indiction of what the pricing will be come 2006.