Maxon has released a set of free updates for its Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D products. The 6.3 updates can be downloaded from the Maxon Web site for both Mac and Windows systems – along with a update for the NET engine to allow network rendering of scenes including 6.3 functions. The plug-in interface has been expanded to expand the functionality available to plug-ins. The first plug-in to use this is Pyrocluster from Cebas, which creates smoke and explosion effects. It also improves the results from current plug-ins such as RealViz’s MatchMover Cinema 4D export function. Texture handling has been improved - with Cinema 4D supporting BodyPaint’s .b3d format directly. Also, Photoshop images can be used as textures with layers intact. Alpha channel capabilities have been extended with multi-layer materials and the simultaneous display of the texture grid in shading mode. The update adds support for LogiCad3D’s SpaceMouse 3D input device in both Cinema 4D and BodyPaint. A number of other additions also exist in features such as autokeying, sequence and keyframe editing, generating UV-coordinates and lighting.