Maxon has announced version 9 of its Cinema 4D 3D suite. The upgrade refines the usability of Cinema 4D, according to the company, as well as adding modelling tools and more than 100 functions.

Cinema 4D 9 gains a HeadsUpDisplay (HUD), which displays a selection of information about the current scene, plus dynamic highlights to preview mode before they are executed. What information is displayed can be configured by the user, with Maxon stating that the HUD can show almost any function within the editor.

The upgrade features a re-engineered modelling core, says Maxon, that includes full N-Gon support. N-Gons enable complete models to be created from polygons with any number of points. Version 9 also adds improved polygon knitting and stitching, plus a brush tool for painting point deformations on models.

The Mocca character animation module gains the Clothilde function, which is designed to make it easier to add clothing to characters, with cloth dynamics added to enable collision detection. Hard IK is now supported, as is motion blending.

The Advanced Render module in Cinema 4D 9 supports sub-polygon displacement, which reduces the need for fine geometry – as with normal displacement – to generate fine detail during rendering. The module can also export multipass scenes directly to Apple Final Cut Pro and Discreet Combustion, following previous versions export ability to Adobe After Effects.

Cinema 4D 9 will ship for Windows and Mac platforms in September. The core applications costs £424.68 plus VAT, with modules costing between £210 and £425 plus VAT.