Adobe Photoshop may be the greatest image-tool ever, but users often cite confusing colour tools and controls - a complaint that Adobe hoped to address in the just-launched upgrade to version 6.0. Yet there's still a level of uncertainty from users, according to industry pundits, concerning Photoshop's ICC colour management - a factor that German company Detlef Fiebrandt is hoping to put right with the release of ChromoAssist 2.0. The company says the product, which is shipping now, explains an entire gamut of colour settings in Photoshop 5.x and 6.0, and includes tools for colour calibration of both the operating system and monitor. Covering the entire spectrum, it details colour calibration - including the effects of room lighting and different graphics cards - and how to create them in Photoshop. Version 2.5 will be released in December, adding a much-requested English language option to the software.