A charcoal-fired burner

If you own a stylish black workstation such as IBM’s Intellistation, adding a conventional beige CD-RW drive can seriously reduce its aesthetic appeal. However, a new CD-RW drive from Sony, the CRX160E-RP, might provide you with exactly what you’d need in this situation. The new charcoal-coloured 12x/8x/32x CD writer is an internal IDE driver with a write throughput of 12MB per second. The drive also includes a full set of software. CeQuadrat WinOnCD 3.7 allows audio, data and VideoCD format CDs to be created. The new version of the software includes drag-&-drop MP3 decoding and CD Text recording Adaptec DirectCD is a packet-writing tool for CD-RW, which turns the CD-RW into a virtual hard drive with a capacity of up to 1.3GB using 2:1 compression. VideoImpression is a basic video-editing tool, which works with WinOnCD to create VideoCDs. Sony has also introduced new CD-RW media, CD-RW650 HS, for use with the new drive and future drives. They support the latest standards in Orange Book Part III, Volume 2, and are recordable at between 4x and 10x speeds. The CRX160E-RP drive costs £179 plus VAT and ships with a single CD-RW650 HS disc.

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