Today sees the launch of Channel 4’s online photo gallery for the YR. 1 competition at, which is designed to promote British photography in the 21st Century. The project aims to raise the profile of British photography and the public's post-millennium view of the country. Categorization will be a key element of the site as photographs are submitted according to geographical region and content category, which includes home, play, beauty, work and fame. The YR.1 competition has a top prize of £10,000 and is co-sponsored by The Independent and Unisys. Submission for photographs ends March 31st with winners announced July 1. The competition will be judged by a panel of judges each one specializing in one category. The judges include photographers Martin Parr (home), Elaine Constantine (beauty), Dennis Morris (work), Paul Smith (play), and Sun and News of the World Picture Editor Ken Lennox (fame). The YR.1 Web site was created by Bomb, the London-based Web development, entertainment, and tools company. Apart from the picture gallery, the HTML-created site also has a chat forum, and future plans involve the creation of an offline gallery with photography exhibited on the virtual gallery. "Photography is no longer an elite exercise but something which an increasing number of people are practicing. The gallery reflects this trend in its simplistic design which makes it accessible for anyone wanting toparticipate in the competition." said Abby Bowen, head of development at Bomb. "The image is everything in this site which is why we have created a white wall gallery where no complicated graphics would overshadow the photographs. The only added image is the map of Britain in order to emphasise the various regions in the country and their character, said Bowen.