Seagate Technology has announced two new hard disk drives aimed at high-end users. The storage technology vendor also unveiled a new back-up tape autoloader called Viper 2000. The faster and more expensive disk drive, the Cheetah X15-36LP, is the second-generation Cheetah x15, which Seagate billed as the world's first drive capable of 15,000rpm (rotations per minute). Both the Cheetah X15-36LP and the second disk drive unveiled here Wednesday, the Cheetah 36ES, can store up to 36GB of data. The first generation CheetahX15 disc drive was announced here at the CeBIT trade show last year. "IBM is now developing its own 15,000 rpm disk drive, and that is good because it gives this market legitimacy. There is starting to be a demand for these high-capacity, high-speed types of disk drives," said Henry Fabian, senior director of Seagate's global disk product marketing division at a press conference here. IBM in February entered the race for this type of drive by announcing Ultrastar, its own 15,000rpm drive, also capable of storing 36GB of data. Seagate's Cheetah X15-36LP was created for high-performance, data-intensive enterprise servers and workstations. "This bigger and faster disk drive is aimed at Web developers, people who have a need to get to the data very quickly," said Fabian. The Cheetah 36ES targets entry-level enterprise servers like department servers, Internet servers and LAN (local area network) servers. The Cheetah X15-36LP is priced between £280 and £530, depending on the model. The Cheetah 36ES is priced between £235 and £390. Both hard disk drives will be available for distributors in the second quarter of this year. The company also unveiled a back-up tape autoloader called Viper 2000. It holds up to 2T bytes of compressed data and can transfer data at a speed of up to 1.92GB per minute.