Castlewood’s Orbs swell in size

Aiming directly for the multimedia sector, removable storage manufacturer Castlewood has announced a 5.7GB version of its Orb drive. This more than doubles the capacity of the drive, which currently sits at 2.2GB, and gives it a speed boost – up from 12.2 MB/s to 15MB/s. The drive will initially be available as an internal EIDE drive early next year. An external drive will follow a few months later, which follows the same release pattern as the 2.2GB Orb drive. This is likely to use a FireWire interface for connectivity. Pricing has yet to be set. Castlewood has also shown off an MP3 player based upon the Orb drive technology. Manufactured by AIWA, it is approximately the same size as a portable CD player but uses 2.2 GB Orb cartridges as its media. This allows a massive 36 hours of near-CD quality music to be kept on a single cartridge. The MP3 player is planned be launched towards the end of the year and should cost around £270.

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