Capture 3D models of people using a Kinect and a digital SLR with RGBD Toolkit

You may have seen the Virtual Cinematography project that overlaid Kinect depth-sensing maps with HD video from a digital LSR. It was an incredible feat for quick-made 3D models that only a crack team of professional videographers and programmers could pull off.

Now, the same team has posted just how they did it with their RGBD Toolkit, so you can make your own HD Kinect videos in your studio too.


The RGBD Toolkit website has information on how to calibrate your DLSR to work with the Kinect. You can also download the video stitching program to fuse the footage together.

The video quality is still pretty rough, with raged edges and lots of depth noise, but it’s a start. It also looks really badass in terms of space-hologram-looking virtual 3D-video.

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