ACD Systems has announced the tenth version of its multi-faceted design application Canvas – which was released by Deneba until it was bought by the developer of the widely used image cataloguing software ACDSee in December 2003.

Canvas X refocuses the product as technical illustration tool and includes functions aimed at the presentation of media from a wide set of production environments. It supports over 100 file formats, allowing documents such as CAD files (including DXF and DWG formats), illustrations, images and even legacy project files.

The update includes tools designed to support collaborative working: including mark-up and redlining tools to allow comments to be placed on documents as it makes its way through a company, with different collaborators able to mark-up in different colours.

Canvas X also introduces the Canvas Print Driver for Windows, which allows complex illustrations, photos or files to be ‘printed’ directly into a Canvas document. ActiveX supported has been added so that interactive components can be embedded into files to automatically manipulate documents, for example to forward documents to the right person depending on whether the text or images are changed.

Canvas X costs $399.99 (around £205), with upgrades costing between $199 and $49.