Canon has introduced the successor to its highly popular XL1 digital video camera. Hailed as one the best mid-range digital video cameras available, it has scooped numerous awards but has been dogged by a sluggish upgrade to the system. Dubbed the XL1S, it features an interchangable lens-mount system - which Canon says is unique to the digital camcorder market. The system lets the camera use Canon's wide range of EF lenses. Canon says the XL1S uses a three-CCD system, assigning a separate CCD to each primary colour (red, green, and blue). The result, says the company, is highly reliable colour reproduction and high detail that suitable for professional work. Also new is a technology called Pixel Shift, which Canon says will help solve common shooting problems by using a wider dynamic range. It allows for brighter video in low-light and delivers reduced vertical smearing. The camera also sports bigger pixels in each CCD, which Canon says delivers better results when filming in ultra low-light conditions. A new optional manual 16x zoom lens is also available, says Canon. Other features include audio dubiing, index recording and search for quick scene jumping, four new types of advanced image control (including colour gain, colour phase, setup level, and sharpness), plus 16:9 guide line, new zoom speeds, and a five-level zebra pattern.