Canon has announced three new DV cameras, which should be released in May. Bottom of the range is the DM-MV300 (which should cost around £800), followed by the DM-MV300i (which is likely to cost between £900 and £1000) – with the DM-MV30 sitting at the top at around £1000. The DM-MV300 offers a 540,000 pixel CCD, a 2.5 inch LCD screen, 10x (optical) and 200x (digital) zoom and Electronic Image Stabilisation. Other features include seven auto-exposure modes and four digital effects. The camera is also very light and small, weighing 550g and measuring 57-x-101-x-129 mm (which easily fits into a palm). The DM-MV300i is essentially the same as the MV-300, but with the extra facility of DV-in. The DM-MV30 is a step up from both of these. Highlights of this camera’s feature set are a 3.5-inch LCD screen, 12x optical zoom (with 48x digital zoom alongside it), Canon’s higher-end Optical Image Stabiliser wobble-removal system, a 480,000 pixel progressive scan CCD, and DCM digital sound. Like the others, the camera also includes seven auto-exposure modes and four digital effects. It is also only a little heavier than the DM-MV300 or MV300I, weighing 650g, and about the same size.