Following the trend of making DV cameras smaller, sleeker and more stylish, Canon has announced the MV4 range. The range includes three models – the MV4, the DV- and analogue-in enabled MV4i and the MV4i MC, which includes a MultiMediaCard slot for recording still images. The MV4 series is based around an 800,000-pixel progressive-scan CCD. It has a 10x optical zoom lens (up to 40x digitally) and Canon’s image stabilizer technology for removing or reducing camera wobble. Users can set up and watch their recording using the viewfinder or a 2.5-inch LCD screen. The camcorder’s case measures just 48-x-106-x-86mm and weighs just 390g. Canon has also released a new filter set, battery pack and charger for the MV4 series.