RealViz has shipped version 2.0 of its MatchMover camera tracking software. The tool allows 3D generated objects and characters to be easily added to live-action footage. The app looks at footage and automatically works out the positioning and motion of cameras in 3D space. It then exports this information to 3D applications to help to bring 3D and footage together seamlessly. It can export to 3D Studio Max, Softimage|3D, Maya, Lightwave and, new to this version, Cinema 4D. Version 2.0 adds a graph editor that allows editing of camera parameters as curves on a graph and a status tracker for analysing project progress and results. Also new is the ability to add or remove lens distortion, helper 3D primitives to position and visualize the scale of a CG element in a sequence, and support for many new footage formats – including Cineon and 16-bit. RealViz claims that version 2.0 can track footage up to eight times faster than previous versions. MatchMover 2.0 costs $5,000 (around £3,500). Application-specific versions for Maya, Softimage|3D, Lightwave and 3D Studio Max are also available for a reduced price.