International environmental charity Greenpeace offers creatives a chance to get global exposure for their poster designs with the 2009 Greenpeace Design Awards.

The brief calls for designs that communicate the message, Be a Part of the Action – although Greenpeace stresses that this text doesn't necessarily have to appear on the poster. The brief specifies: "Above all, the poster needs to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire action."

The charity advises that designers think carefully about the poster's target audience. Greenpeace targets four very distinct audiences: power brokers, supporters, allies and 'power constituencies' – groups of individuals whose collective actions can effect change. The brief implies that designers should aim to target one of these groups, rather than all of them.

Entries will be judged by a panel of leading Australian graphic designers and design experts.

Creatives have until June 15 to submit works; for submission guidelines and to enter visit the Greenpeace Design Awards website.