Caligari has announced new versions of both trueSpace, its Windows-only 3D modelling and animation software, and iSpace, its Windows-only 3D Web graphics tool. It has also launched a new ‘proTeam’ subscription program that provides professional designers with online access to a wide range of 3D tools, training, content and services. The biggest addition to trueSpace 5.1 is support for Macromedia Shockwave3D and other Web output formats. Objects and scenes exported to Shockwave3D and Macromedia Director 8.5 formats include all trueSpace geometry, materials, lights, views and animation. Version 5.1 also generates HTML files directly for export to Viewpoint format, providing a one-step solution for creating Viewpoint-based Web sites. A Flash plug-in for trueSpace is currently being developed says the company. Other new features of version 5.1 include enhanced modelling tools with more control of NURBS curves and surfaces, workflow and interface optimization, an updated software developers kit for third-party plug-in developers, and over 200 additional bug fixes. Caligari has also reduced the price of trueSpace 5.1 to $299 and it is available from the company Web site. iSpace, Caligari’s 3D Web graphics and animation authoring software, also sees a new version with support for Macromedia Flash output and optimized JPEG compression which menas JPEG output size is reduced by over 30 per cent. iSpace allows users to create entire 3D HTML pages without any HTML programming, and features customizable style templates along with a large library of rich 3D buttons, borders, backgrounds, text, lights, materials, objects, and animations, which can be dragged-&-dropped into a page. 3D objects can also be imported and edited and iSpace supports both procedural and key-framed animation. Support for the Flash formats now means users have access to Flash outline, cartoon, and photorealistic output. Available in June direct from Caligari’s Web site, I Space 1.5 will cost $99. This includes the basic iSpace 1.5 software with standard libraries of 3D buttons, borders, backgrounds, text, lights and animations. The Flash plug-in and additional libraries are available separately.

New portal for 3D designers Complementing the launch of new version of its 3D authoring tools, Caligari has created a community-oriented ‘surround portal’ dedicated to 3D designers. Designed to give professional designers instant access to an array of 3D tools, interactive training, content, and support services as well as participation in a community of their peers, proTeam packages will be available on a subscription basis. Renewable on an annual basis, proTeam subscriptions include access to unlimited technical and customer support, online training courses including tutorials with streaming animation, voice, and interactive content elements, user forum, product upgrades, content libraries of models, scenes, materials, shaders, and textures. “Our new surround portal is a ‘one-stop shop’ where professional designers can join a community of peers and get all the advanced tools, content, and support they need,” said Roman Ormandy, Caligari president. “proTeam will enhance productivity and has the capacity to profoundly improve the way professional designers work.” Both trueSpace and iSpace are available in proTeam packages. The complete trueSpace proTeam package, including the newly released version 5.1 software with Shockwave3D output and access to the surround portal, is $795 initially; annual renewal fees are $495. iSpace proTeam, including the new version 1.5 software with a plug-in for Flash output and libraries of buttons, objects, and style templates, is $299 initially; annual renewal fees are $199.