CAD2 has announced the release of its latest workstation, the CAD2 WS114 series - which features Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and DDR3 memory.

Designed to enhance creative applications, the WS114 features a radical new system design from Intel that represents the largest processor architectural change since the Pentium Pro in 1995.

The CAD2 WS114 features a brand new CPU Socket (SKT 1366), and Intel's X58 motherboard chipset and Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) – which replaces the older FSB (Front Side Bus). It has an on-chip memory controller – so memory is directly connected to the processor.

The Core i7 chips feature dynamic 'Turbo Boost' technology allows the CPU cores to intelligently overclock the core speed, and Intel's Hyper-Threading that enables each of the four cores can process two threads simultaneously, so the processor appears to the OS as eight CPUs.

The workstation also features on-die, shared 8MB L3 cache, a 45nm process technology with 731M transistors, sophisticated power management, up to 8GB of triple channel DDR3 memory.