RealViz and Cycore have launched a version of the former's ImageModeller app that outputs 3D models in the latter’s Cult3D format. Announced at this year’s SIGGRAPH show in New Orleans, it was previously known under the codename of Photo2Cult. Image Modeller creates 3D models from photographs, video clips and even cinematic images. It extracts 3D data and textures automatically to create photorealistic models. The standard version exports to the major 3D formats for adding to 3D images, animations or video footage – but this version only exports Cult3D. Cult 3D is a dimensionally-accurate format for the placement of 3D objects on Web pages – or within Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat files. The objects can be rotated and manipulated by end users with their mouse. Image Modeller for Cult 3D costs $2,500 from RealViz’s or Cycore’s Web sites. UK pricing has not yet been announced.