Need to get your images on the Web in a jiffy, or organize a wealth of multimedia files into something resembling order? Extensis Portfolio 5 aims to do just that – and is shipping in April for Mac OS and Windows. Available in three flavours – Portfolio 5.0, Portfolio Server 5.0 and Portfolio SQL Connect – it brings advanced digital media asset management to the desktop at prices starting from £129. Portfolio 5.0 can archive and display media assets, with users able to build custom search fields and create dynamic Web content with the bundled PortWeb plug-in. Portfolio Server 5.0 includes five Portfolio 5.0 clients, PortWeb and the server software. Extensis says it will let larger agencies and companies streamline their image management workflow, with clients able to access a central server of media assets. Portfolio SQL Connect is designed for enterprise users needing to connect Portfolio Server 5.0 with Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle 8i database. A read-only version of Portfolio – Portfolio Browser – is available for royalty-free distribution, and lets users organize and display their content on CD.