Europe could see nearly 18 million broadband subscribers by 2003 - with growth predicted at 44 times those of 1999 levels. The startling figures are from a report by two of Europe's leading research companies, and details a huge growth in the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) market with 21 per cent of households likely to have signed up by 2003. The report - authored by media analysts Screen Digest and Internet research company Van Dusseldorp & Partners - sees concludes the growth will have a massive impact on the Internet. "Broadband will change the Internet and the way we use the Internet," says co-author Jonathan Watson. "Much more different kinds of content will become available, and it will become available on other devices such as televisions, mobile phones, games consoles, and PDAs. This will lead to the Internet becoming much more a part of our daily lives and hasten the transition from the 300-channel universe to the three-million-channel universe. The report - on sale in January - costs £895.