Fusioneers, a new plug-in label specializing in add-ons for Eyeon’s DigitalFusion and Alias|Wavefront’s MayaFusion compositing packages, has released a new particle engine for DigitalFusion. DOT-s follows DigitalFusion’s design, allowing you to use any picture or sequence as a particle. Its features include fade in/out, grow in/out, blur in/out, size variation and rotation variation. It includes two bouncelines with elasticity and roughness and two blackholes (attractors). It also has an overall slow motion/speed slider to achieve motion blur or timeslice effects and can load prerecorded DOTPositionData (for rendernodes). Particle packs are available for free download from the Fusioneers Web site, as is a demo of DOT-s itself. DOT-s is also available to purchase from the Web site for a pre-NAB price of $250.