Discreet 3DS Max users will soon be available to take advantage of a new rendering suite that claims to offer high levels of functionality and control without the steep learning curve associated with traditional rendering software. SplutterFish has announced US pricing (UK pricing to be confirmed) and availability for Brazil Rendering System 1.0, a fully-integrated advanced rendering suite for Discreet 3DS Max, and Autodesk's visualization solution, 3ds Viz.  Slated for release in early November, Brazil offers, say Splutter Fish, a powerful rendering architecture, advanced shaders and illumination models, natural controllable workflow features, and full support for native and third-party plug-ins that run within 3DS Max. "Brazil r/s is designed so that artists will be able to render their visions with no compromises.  We're pleased to bring this level of rendering power and quality to the Max community at a cost that's reasonable for both individual users and larger facilities.," says Scott Kirvan, CEO of SplutterFish. SplutterFish will offer an Artist Bundle that includes one Brazil r/s workstation licence and two rendering slave licences for $1,500. It also offers a Renderfarm Bundle which includes four render slaves for $1,000. Licensing is per computer, and covers a computer with up to four CPUs. A student licencing policy is being finalized say the company and once complete will be announced at the SplutterFish Web site. Until December 31, 2001, SplutterFish is offering an introductory offer price for the Artist Bundle of $1,200, and the Renderfarm Bundle for $750.