Boris FX has released the first update to the Media 100 HD NLE since acquiring the system from Optibase in October. Media 100 HD version 10.1.3 fixes an number of bugs, and is available for download from the Boris FX Web site.

The update makes more clip properties available for the bin's list view setting to provide more flexibility when viewing clips. Sync between audio and video has been improved within the Acquire module, correcting a bug that could leave the sync out by up to 2,100 samples.

Other improvements include correct rendering of real-time effects for the established duration, removing an issue where not rendering the last frame of the transition could occasionally cause a visible jump.

Media 100 HD combines NLE software with the Media 100 HDX board for $7,995 (around £4,530). The software-only version Media 100 sw costs $395 (around £225)